Makey Makey Meets CoSpacesEDU

When virtual reality meets ELA class you get a BUNCH of engaged and excited students! That’s what happened for us these past few weeks as we explored Plot Structure using CoSpacesEDU and Makey Makeys. To get a visual picture of exactly what we did, imagine a virtual world designed by students in CoSpacesEDU. CoSpacesEDU is […]

Virtual Games for Distance Teaching

Zoom and Google Meet seem to be the go to platforms for Video conferencing during Distance Learning. Games for remote learning or for digital morning meetings are important for encouraging socialization with students. In this post you’ll discover over 10 examples of virtual games to play with students during virtual online meetingsl. Perfect for time fillers, community builders, wrap ups or as a resource to use while you’re waiting for students to join your online meeting.

Using Sketch Notes in a Middle School Classroom

Sketch Notes (AKA Visual Note Taking) are essentially a note taking strategy that allows students to creatively express their interpretation of readings, lectures or ANY classroom content. Sketch Notes allow students to actively listen and keep their brains (and hands) occupied while listening to fiction AND non-fiction text.  Best of all, Students LOVE It!! Sketch […]

Education Tips for ANYONE

Whether you’re experienced in education or a newbie, we can ALL use a little refresher in our classrooms, don’t you think? That’s where ✨Your Smarticles✨ comes in. My focus is ENGAGEMENT….getting students involved and engaged in the content.  Whether that comes from integrating technology, playing games, critical thinking WHATEVER IT TAKES! So thanks for stopping by!  […]