Paper Chain Pixel Art

With a pixel pattern and a lot of paper, you can create Paper Chain Pixel Art! My students collaborated to make this AMAZING Viking design (our school mascot). The project is created column by column with students inter-looping a side facing 2 X 8 construction paper strip with a front facing 2 X 8 strip representing the ‘pixel’ to make the chain columns. Once the columns are complete, they’re stapled together to align the rows.

Detailed directions on how to make this project (or a similar one) yourself can be found here.

Lego Wall Pixel Art

Believe it or not, this mural is made from THOUSANDS of Legos!

Using a Pixel art design created online, students placed each Lego according to an ELABORATE pixel art design created in Photobricks. While this is an iOS app, the website Brik seems promising as an alternative Lego Mosaic tool.

Detailed directions on how we make this project can be found here

Pixel Reveal with Google Sheets

This Pixel is SUPER POPULAR with my students at the moment. Built in Google Sheets with conditional formatting, students type in an answer and *POOF* sections of a pixellated image magically appear on the sheet. We started our Pixel Reveal experiences using a FUN Among Us Design shared on the Pixel Art Facebook Group.

and then, as the BILLS made it to the playoffs, I created this to help us with our Science Review:

Click this image to download a copy of this Pixel Art Reveal Activity!!

Learn how to customize pixel art by clicking here.

Sticky Note Pixel Art

Sticky note Pixel Art is a lot of fun if you’ve got the time and resources. Simply gather LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of post-it pads and find some wall space and it’s likely you’ll be able to make one of these SUPER FUN creations! Designing a reasonably sized image is the starting point. This Pixel Art Creation tool by Eric Curtis is a GREAT way to get started!

Detailed steps on how to create one of these FUN projects are outlined here

No matter which project you choose, I’m sure you’ll be

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